Meet ComNav in May: 4 Exhibitions Across 3 Countries!

May is a lively month, full of innovation and collaboration. ComNav Technology Ltd. (ComNav) crossed borders to appear at four international shows, presenting its latest high-tech achievements and innovative products, pushing the boundaries of what technology can do. At these shows, Comnav’s professional team gave thorough explanations of their products to every visitor and provided effective solutions tailored to the needs of different sectors. The friendly and professional service drew lots of attention and interest, winning wide praise from those who attended.



 1 FIG Working Week 2024


From May 19-24, FIG Working Week 2024 was held in Accra, the capital of Ghana. This annual conference, organized by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), is a leading event for professionals in geospatial information, surveying, and land management.




At the event, ComNav shared its latest laser RTK products with over 1,500 visitors from more than 80 countries. These products include Mars Laser RTK, Mars Pro Laser RTK, and Venus Laser RTK, all equipped with the latest K8 platform, supporting full-constellation and multi-frequency. These devices offer centimeter-level precision. Moreover, the standout feature for visitors was the unique laser technology that allows surveyors to easily reach positions that are hard to access, signal-obstructed, or dangerous, all from a safe distance, enhancing safety, ease of work, and efficiency. This sets new standards for surveying and mapping and geographic information system (GIS) applications.




Additionally, ComNav's latest 3D Laser Scanner— the LS300, was a highlight of the event. The LS300 Laser Scanner utilizes SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and performs self positioning and incremental 3D mapping in unknown environments. This advanced, professional scanner is ideal for applications in smart city projects, underground facility digitization, geology, agriculture, forestry, surveying and mapping. Its powerful application capabilities and high precision attracted visitors from around the world to the booth.





 2 CSPI & EXPO 2024


From May 22-24, ComNav showcased lots of products at CSPI-EXPO 2024, Asia's largest construction and engineering machinery exhibition. On this influential platform dedicated to fostering international exchange and business cooperation, ComNav captured global attention with its technological expertise.

ComNav's display included:


- K827 GNSS Board: The K827 supports full-constellation and multi-frequency, featuring advanced Dual-Engine RTK technology for reliable positioning. It provides centimeter-level accuracy and is ideal for land surveying, autonomous driving, precision agriculture, machine control, robotics, and UAVs.

- Mars Laser RTK & Venus lLaser RTK: Combining laser technology with the K8 platform, Mars and Venus can deliver high-precision measurements even in challenging environments.

- Z30 Portable GNSS Receiver: The Z30 is the latest generation of portable high-precision GNSS receivers, easy to carry and install, designed for GIS, IoT, construction, personnel safety, railway patrol, powerline inspection, precision agriculture, emergency rescue, and other fields.

- LS300 Handheld 3D Laser Scanner: The LS300 utilizes SLAM technology to operate autonomously, independent of GNSS positioning, making it versatile for both indoor and outdoor environments.

- P8H Tablet:The P8H tablet is equipped with an 8-inch sunlight-readable screen and the Android 12 operating system, and features integrated high-precision GNSS modules and antenna, providing an efficient experience for GIS applications.

- E300 RTK Drone: Featuring with high accuracy, strong compatibility, and long endurance, the E300 can suitable for a variety of applications including topographic survey, urban construction, forestry investigation, emergency rescue, 3D modeling, mining surveying, etc.

- CORS solution: With Comnav CORS solution you can achieve business growth in a wide range of industries like regional and national positioning infrastructures, monitoring, surveying and GIS, precision agriculture, machine guidance, driverless engines, forestry management, UAV precise navigation, Geodetic GNSS Campaign survey and many others. It largely improves the system operational and maintenance efficiency while reducing your budget.


These products, ranging from OEM boards and RTK products to tablets and innovative solutions, offer high reliability in harsh environments, capable of achieving precise positioning and intelligent operations. They not only enhance the but also inject new energy into the industry's development.





 3 JAGRI 2024


JAGRI 2024 From May 22-24, the leading agricultural and livestock technology exhibition in Asia, JAGRI, was held at Grand Messe in Japan. As one of the early companies to apply GNSS technology in agricultural production, ComNav showcased its flagship products in this exhibition including the auto steering systems, K803 Lite GNSS board, A100 antenna, base station, and CORS solution. Ranging from GNSS boards to auto steering systems solutions, ComNav provide integration solution and full sets to the precision agticulture, making agricultural production smarter and more efficient.


At the exhibition, the AG502 Autosteer System was a standout feature of ComNav's offerings. The AG502 is a comprehensive system integrating satellite reception, positioning, navigation and automatic driving. It is mainly composed of a GNSS tablet, electric steering wheel, angle sensors and GNSS antennas. It supports multiple work modes such as Straight, Curve, Automatic U-turn, and Pivot, which can be switched freely. This system makes the labor-intensive agricultural production activities efficient and effortless. ComNav has always adhered to a development philosophy of innovative integration. In the agricultural sector, ComNav is dedicated to fulfilling the diversified mechanization demands of modern agriculture. Visitors at the event also showed great interest in ComNav’s products.





 4 Agritechnica Asia 2024

From May 22-24, the AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2024, was grandly held in Bangkok, Thailand. This event gathered over 300 exhibitors from 27 countries worldwide, making it the biggest specialized agricultural machinery exhibition in Southeast Asia. As pioneers of GNSS high-precision technology in agricultural applications, ComNav also showcased its agricultural auto steering system — AG501Pro at the exhibition.

ComNav’s newly independently developed auto steering system—AG501Pro, attracted a large number of customers and dealers. With one smart antenna A100 Pro, Tthe system combines the advantages of convenient installation, high torque, high precision, and terrain compensation in a single package. It can achieve ±2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy in sowing, transplanting, trenching, ridging, spraying, and harvesting. It accommodates various agricultural machineries, such as tractors, rice transplanters, sprayers, and harvesters, making it suitable for a broad range of agricultural activities and highly favored by users worldwide. By the way, we are actively seeking agents for our agricultural products. Join us and be part of a thriving network!


Every global exhibition serves as a stage for gathering intelligence, sparking innovation, and expanding markets. ComNav fully demonstrated its outstanding capability to provide comprehensive, multi-sector high-precision GNSS products and solutions, establishing itself as a reliable provider of high-precision GNSS positioning services. Seizing this opportunity, the company will continue to deepen its core technologies and consistently provide the industry with better, more precise, and superior products and services. ComNav looks forward to meeting you again at GEO Business 2024 on June 5-6 in London, UK!





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