Land Surveying

As the first large scale application for high accuracy GNSS technology, land surveying plays a very important role in making the technology popular. Most of the ComNav Technology R&D engineers are from land surveying GNSS industry and they got the full knowledge of offering “accurate” solutions to those land surveyors. SinoGNSS high accuracy GNSS OEM boards have been adopted by the world's large GNSS manufacturers and have already been proved by the market.



Related Product

R60 Data Collector

R60 is a rugged and ergonomic controller that delivers the professionalism and flexibility in your field surveying work.

N2 Palm GNSS Receiver

Slim-line design makes the N2 one of the most compact GNSS receiver: only 48mm and 0.67kg including battery Compared with a typical GNSS receiver, it is more than 35% thinner and 40% lighter, can be carried, used and operated more easily without fatigue. Lighter, Thinner, and Stronger - N2 is specifically designed for land survey, marine, precision agriculture, machine control, and GIS.

N3 IMU GNSS Receiver

Featuring 1198 channels of tracking all running and planned constellations, enhanced UHF for up to 15km working range, improved high precision IMU and over 24 hours working time, the N3 receiver making it more efficient for your survey tasks.

Venus Laser RTK

Venus Laser RTK is an innovative GNSS receiver that enables rodless surveying with a millimeter laser, breaking the usual constraints. Plus the 380g weight minimizes users’ fatigue and the handheld design facilitates operation. Furthermore, this is a revolutionary GNSS receiver that integrates laser and IMU technologies.

N5 GNSS Receiver

Embedded with IMU engine, upgraded with K8-platform for full constellation tracking, and equipped with long range enhanced UHF, user-friendly OLED display, 6800mAh large Li-battery, N5 GNSS receiver provides a more convenient, reliable, and efficient experience for field workers, especially when work together with Survey Master data collection software.
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