A new step toward globalization: Grand opening ceremony for ComNav Technology Europe Srl

Belgium, May 29, 2024 - The grand opening ceremony of ComNav Technology Europe Srl (CTE) was officially held in Namur, the capital of the Wallonia region, Kingdom of Belgium. The establishment of CTE is a new chapter toward globalization. Its establishment aims to better meet the growing demand of the European market and to address the geospatial professionals.


ComNav Technology Europe SRL, Namur in Belgium


Over a hundred government officials, universities, professional surveyors from public and private sectors, National Geographical Institute and Royal Observatory of Belgium attended the event, witnessed the significant milestone. The governor of the Namur Province, Denis Mathen, personally welcomed and congratulated Doctor Wang, CEO of ComNav Technology Ltd Shanghai PR China for that installation in his Province. The Province of Namur and Jiangsu province in China are sisters' provinces.


Attendees in the inauguration ceremony of CTE


Dr. Yongquan Wang, Chairman of ComNav Technology (left), Denis Mathen, Governor of Namur Province (Right)


Mr. Ali Afsahi (middle right) and Mr. Joakim Hixen (right) from STRICS AB, exclusive distributor of ComNav Technology Europe Srl for Sweden and Scandinavian countries


At the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Yongquan Wang, the founder and chairman of ComNav, delivered a speech and expressed his gratitude to the guests present. Founded in 2012, ComNav Technology Ltd. (ComNav) has been at the forefront of globalization and sold over 800,000 GNSS modules / GNSS devices worldwide, covering more than 130 countries. Dr. Wang pointed out that the establishment of CTE marks another significant milestone in the business development and globalization journey. ComNav hopes to collaborate more extensively and fruitfully with professionals across Europe and with academics and the GALILEO programs. The company will adhere to an open, inclusive, sustainable, and transparent approach, promoting the integration of diverse cultures between East and West. We’re going to localize services, solutions, and applications to achieve our vision “High Precision Positioning Empowers a Digital Era”!


Prof. Joël van Cranenbroeck (left) and Dr. Yongquan Wang (right)


High GNSS Accuracy – An ongoing Quest


Prof. Joël van Cranenbroeck, Managing Director of CGEOS® Creative Geosensing Srl and Corporate Fellow of ComNav, delivered a speech emphasized the ongoing quest of ComNav to provide high GNSS accuracy where it needs. ComNav is entirely committed to bring the best out of all GNSS signals and frequencies and considering the new LEO constellations. From GNSS OEM modules to dedicated GNSS receivers and complete solutions, ComNav is one of the few companies with the full value chain capabilities by owning the core technology in GNSS. In 2022, ComNav introduced the very first GNSS Laser IMU RTK - VENUS to the market, enabling rodless surveying and stakeout. ComNav launched the Mars and Mars Pro GNSS Laser IMU RTK receivers, expanding the boundaries of surveying and stakeout to hard-to-reach, signal-blocked, and hazardous areas.


Land Surveyor Quentin Burton purchased a Mars Laser RTK from CGEOS® the exclusive representative of ComNav Technology Europe Srl and received it signed by Dr. Wang


Dr. Wang signed on the Mars Laser RTK carrying box for Survey Engineer Joachim Dieltiens who purchased it from CGEOS®


As one of the first Chinese GNSS technology enterprises to enter the European market, ComNav's products have already been deeply involved in multiple flagship European projects, from the establishment of the first BeiDou CORS station in Europe to the application of the SinoGNSS T300 GNSS receiver in the construction of Scandinavian highest building, the KARLATORNET in Goteborg, Sweden, the GNSS monitoring of the ThyssenKrupp test tower in Rottweil, Germany as well as Poland's sensible four autonomous driving project, Belgium's railway maintenance and exploitation projects, and Finland's railway surveying projects to cite only few. Having addressed the European market for over a decade, ComNav Technology solutions can be found in many industries with its safe, reliable GNSS receivers and integrated services. The company's products have gained an impressive reputation from European customers, with market share increasing year by year.


Mr. Vincent Agie from BimPrinter ®shared his next project to integrate the OEM K803 on BimPrinter surveying robot


Strategic Expansion for the European Market


Nicolas van Cranenbroeck, Deputy General Manager of CTE and Leo Ge, Business Development Manager of CTE, presented the company's next steps and objectives.


Nicolas van Cranenbroeck (left) and Leo Ge(right)


With the establishment of CTE in Namur, ComNav could fully leverage local resource advantages to build a more comprehensive sales and service network for the European GNSS market. This ensures that products sold in Europe can be delivered within 24 hours, guaranteeing a quick response to customer needs. ComNav will provide unique after-sales and technical support to all its distributors and customers, offering timely and efficient services to Europe and surrounding countries.


ComNav is the very first GNSS receiver design company to support the GALILEO HAS service in PPP and RTK modes. We aim to establish closer ties with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the GALILEO project for more collaboration and project developments. In the future, by collaborating with academics and research institutions, ComNav will focus on further product development, enhancing technical levels and service quality, and introducing new solutions to the European market.


As a significant step in ComNav's overseas expansion, the European subsidiary will focus on the demands of the European manufacturing market. On its future development path, ComNav will continue to deepen its regional presence, drive innovation, and develop continuously, committed to providing higher quality products and services to its customers and becoming a leader in the geospatial industry.


CTE is located at Burogest Namur, Avenue des Dessus-de-Lives, 2, At 5101 Loyers (Namur), Belgium, and looking for GNSS experts and talents to reinforce the team and aim for excellence.

Contact: info@comnavtech.eu






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ComNav Technology develops and manufactures GNSS OEM boards and receivers for high precision positioning demanded applications. Its technology already been used in a wide range of applications such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, unmanned system. With a team dedicated for the GNSS technology, ComNav Technology is trying its best to supply reliable and competitive products to worldwide customers. ComNav Technology has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Science and Technology Board), securities :ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 688592.



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