Professional CORS solutions for GNSS Networks

Professional CORS solutions for GNSS Networks

With SinoGNSS M300 Pro GNSS CORS Solution you can achieve business growth in a wide range of industries like regional and national positioning infrastructures, monitoring, surveying and GIS, precision agriculture, machine guidance, driverless engines, forestry management, UAV precise navigation, Geodetic GNSS Campaign survey and many others .It largely improves the system operational and maintenance efficiency while reducing your budget.





Application Industry

Land Surveying

Land surveying plays a very important role on making the high accuracy GNSS technology popular.
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Precision Agriculture

GNSS technologies were largely used in farming for auto guidance, auto leveling and other applications.
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Machine Control

ComNav offers professional high-accuracy positioning solutions for multiple machine control applications.
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Deformation Monitoring

GNSS gives the significant changes on the way of implementing the deformation monitoring.
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AT600 Choke Ring Antenna

The AT600 is a high-performance choke ring antenna that can track GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, BeiDou Global and Galileo. Featuring high gain, high accuracy, high reliability and full-constellation. Designed for land surveying, precision agriculture, deformation monitoring, CORS and related GNSS applications.

M300 Pro GNSS Receiver

With SinoGNSS QUANTUM™ Technology and full-constellation tracking capability, the M300 Pro GNSS reference station is one of the most robust and future-proof GNSS solution for CORS.

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ComNav CORS Solution2.0

Release Date:2023-02-21

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Release Date:2023-02-21

SinoGNSS Professional CORS Solutions for GNSS Networks - ENG

Release Date:2023-08-25

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