Harvesting Tomorrow: The Launch of ComNav's AG502 Auto Steering System

Shanghai, China, March 16, 2024, ComNav Technology Ltd. (ComNav) launched the AG502 Auto Steering System, after several months of trial operation. ComNav, with sincerity and enthusiasm, is committed to providing farmers around the world with more practical, efficient, and economical solutions.


The AG502 stands as the latest achievement, a comprehensive system that integrates advanced satellite reception, positioning, navigation, and automatic driving, meeting the diverse mechanization needs of modern agriculture. It integrates four key components: a GNSS tablet, an electric steering wheel, 2 angle sensors, and 2 GNSS antennas, offering a plug-and-play capability with easy installation and calibration.


Equipped with SinoGNSS self-developed GNSS module, it supports full-constellation and multi-frequency tracking. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor agricultural environments, the entire system boasts waterproof and dustproof properties, guaranteeing exceptional weather resistance and durability in diverse conditions.




The AG502 is equipped with advanced connectivity modules, featuring a 4G modem alongside UHF radio. It empower farmers with the flexibility to access RTK correction sources from local RTK networks or GNSS RTK base stations. Leveraging the combined GNSS+INS terrain compensation technology, the AG502 ensures unparalleled automated steering accuracy, boasting an impressive precision of 2.5 centimeters. This level of precision translates into superior performance across various agricultural tasks such as ditching, planting, and harvesting.


For the remotely located or often network-lacking fields, the AG502 offers a reliable solution: Precision Point Positioning (PPP), which supports PPP-HAS and PPP-B2b service. Currently, in many countries can access to positioning accuracy of 20 centimeter1, without relying on communication networks or radio. One of the key advantages it brings is the remarkable stability: it minimizes the risk of interruptions and accuracy drops in agricultural operations, especially critical for long-duration tasks in adverse weather conditions or complex terrains.



The AG502 system features intuitive and user-friendly 2D/3D software, streamlining the learning and operation process for easy start-up, even for newcomers. It supports various work modes like Straight, Curve, Automatic U-turn, and Pivot to accommodate diverse farmland and work requirements. To enhance work efficiency, we offers comprehensive training videos of the AG502. In the event of any technical challenges, users have access to remote technical support or can easily reach out to local dealers via phone, email, or messaging apps for prompt assistance



And the benefits of high precision go beyond merely reducing overlap and gaps in agricultural operations. It excels in improving work efficiency, ensuring uniform crop coverage, and optimizing the application of fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, it can save cost and boosts yields. With the AG502, you'll experience unparalleled precision and performance, whether you're tilling, planting, spraying, or harvesting.


Applications and Benefits Overview:  


Invest in the future of agriculture today. Upgrade to the AG502 and unlock a new level of success and sustainability on your farm. Together, let's embrace innovation and drive towards a brighter, more prosperous future for farming worldwide!

Learn more about the AG502: https://www.comnavtech-ag.com/products/ag502/



1: ComNav's K8 series GNSS modules can track the Galileo E6b signal and has verified the HAS service in most countries: https://www.comnavtech.com/News_details/4.html






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