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Compass Receiver Utility (CRU)


CRU OEM board control software is able to use for OEM board testing, setup, data recording, data download and information display.

With Suvery Master you can survey through Topo survey/Auto survey, Static and PPK modes; edit and stake points/lines. Also this App provides a convenient way to import/export surveying data files, supporting data formats: TXT, CSV, SHP and AutoCAD DXF. You can free download from Google Play Store. 

SurveyMaster software

SurvCE data collection software

Carlson SurvCE is data collection software with highly graphical and intuitive user interface, which is a good choice for a wide variety of RTK GNSS equipment.

FieldGenius data collection software

Microsurvey FieldGenius is powerful data collection software, supporting the newest and most advanced GNSS hardware on the market.

Compass Solution (CS) software is desktop software for post-processing and analyzing raw GNSS data (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou), obtaining high accuracy positioning solution in both static and PPK working modes. Get the software by email request to

Compass Solution Data post-processing software

PileMaster Software

PileMaster is software  which designed for static pressure pile project, use together with SinoGNSS high-precision piling solution.  

More details about piling solution and PileMaster software please contact us by email.

CDC+ Ntrip Caster Software

CDC+ software is an useful Ntrip Caster software, it can transfer the Base corrections by internet to Rover in real time. Further more there has user management function ensure the owner can manage the users easily.

CDC.NET software provides high-precision Network RTK services which not only helps CORS administrator effectively manage all connected reference stations, but also provides the optimized spatial corrections from single Base, RTD and RTK to rovers.