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ComNav Technology launched a high-accuracy UAV mapping solution with T300 Plus

ComNav Technology launched a high-accuracy UAV mapping solution with T300 Plus

Shanghai, China, November 12th 2020 — ComNav Technology came out with a drone mapping solution using the T300 Plus GNSS receiver as base station, which offers high accuracy and high efficiency.

The professional unmanned aerial surveying solution is a strong alliance between the high-precision navigation industry and the commercial drone industry. With the powerful T300 Plus GNSS Receiver as the base station, this solution will provide easy workflow and centimeter-grade accuracy.

ComNav Technology offers PPK and RTK Work Modes to meet different demands of UAV users. In case RTKModeis not applicable, PPK Mode can be used as a backup plan. In addition to the base station function, T300 Plus can also perform accuracy validation by measuring check points via rover mode.


Normally, base stations and UAVs transmit correction data via 4G, which is restricted by GPRS. Equipped with the WIFI module and built-in webpage, T300 Plus obtains easy configuration and flexible connection without restriction of Internet.

T300 Plus webpage

There comes post-processing steps in PPK Mode, ComNav Technology also provides a free and strong post-processing software Compass Solution, which can easily process the UAV flight data with base station data and achieve the same centimeter-accuracy as RTK Mode.

Compass Solution interface

Featuring full-constellation tracking capability for reliable correction data, WIFI/Bluetooth/4G/UHF transmission compatible with most kinds of UAVs, 8GB large memory for data recording and standard data format for communication, T300 Plus is one of the best choices for a UAV mapping base station.


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ComNav Technology is the major provider of GNSS OEM boards, receivers and high precision positioning solutions, encompassing product development, and marketing. Its technology and products have already been applied in a wide range of fields such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, and unmanned system. With its experienced team and innovational spirit, ComNav Technology is always trying best to provide reliable and competitive products to global customers. In 2015, ComNav Technology was listed on the China National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), Securities: ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 833972.


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