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ComNav Technology's products: A Wonderful Appearance at Achievement Show of BeiDou-3 Opening Ceremony

ComNav Technology's products: A Wonderful Appearance at Achievement Show of BeiDou-3 Opening Ceremony

China officially announced the commissioning of BDS-3 navigation satellite system by president Xi Jinping and held the exhibition of the construction and development of the BDS at Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 31.


BDS is the greatest achievement China has made throughout the history of space construction. As one of the four global navigation systems, BeiDou provides, not only basic navigation service with centimeter level but message communication service to countries and regions around the world. Now, more than half of the countries in the world enjoy BeiDou's service. With its application in agriculture, intelligent transportation and public security, BeiDou will have far-reaching impact on people's daily life.


The years of BeiDou offering global service also witnessed ComNav Technology's repaid development in overseas market. As the first companies entering global market, we yielded productive and fruitful results with superior technological strength. ComNav Technology's products have always remained best-selling on the global market covering more than 100 regions and countries, including over 40 ones along the one "one belt one road". Our significant application cases appeared on Beidou's promotion video displayed at the opening ceremony. For example, our product and solution were selected as representative of the high-precision product display unit on the completion ceremony of the China-Arab Beidou/GNSS Center.



At the same time, the progress in technology is of great significance to forge a popular and global BDS industry and build a high-quality BDS industrial system.

In Indonesia, our T300 BeiDou/GNSS receivers were applied in national land confiscation project, which was highly praised by local Ministry of Land and Resources.


ComNav Technology's receivers were applied in Indonesian Land Confiscation Project


ComNav Technology has always made progress in developing fundamental products including OEM chips, boards and applications, support of BDS-3 signals. These basic products are the vital parts of Chines space construction, which were displayed at the Achievements Show of BeiDou's Development and Construction.


Achievements Show of BeiDou's Development and Construction


The newly launched N5 IMU GNSS receiver fully supports BDS-3, designed to fulfill tasks with strict demand of high accuracy. Adopted self-developed RTK algorithm and IMU, it can provide stable and reliable positioning data with accuracy less than 2.5cm. The IP67 protection grade makes it work smoothly in sever environment. 


N5 IMU GNSS receiver displayed in the exhibition


The upcoming K8 series OEM high accuracy modules are breakthrough in all aspects. The smaller size and lower power consumption make them easily integrated in applications and in addition, it is convenient for secondary development. K8 series OEM modules can track all the existing and planned constellations, including BeiDou-3. More thrilling features are gonging to be expected. K8 series module is based on the latest Quantum-III GNSS Soc chip, so the performance is definitely enhanced.


Quantum-III GNSS Soc chip & K8 series OEM modules displayed in the exhibition


The M300 Pro GNSS receiver can be applied to CORS, GIS and machine control. M300 Pro is suitable in field with compact and robust hosing. Flexible interfaces ensures convenient connection to external devices. By the integrated webserver, not only can M300 Pro operate remotely but work with higher data security.  


M300 pro receiver displayed in the exhibition


As was the case when China resolved to realize the dream of having our own-operated navigation system, ComNav Technology will adhere to our original intention in self-innovation and develop more high precision products and solutions to make more people benefit from Beidou.    


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ComNav Technology is the major providers of GNSS OEM boards, receivers and high precision positioning solutions, encompassing product development, and marketing. Its technology and products have already been applied in a wide range of fields such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, and unmanned system. With its experienced team and innovational spirit, ComNav Technology is always trying best to provide reliable and competitive products to global customers. In 2015, ComNav Technology has listed on the China National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), Securities: ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 833972.


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