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ComNav BeiDou+GPS receiver provides positioning information in Antarctica

ComNav BeiDou+GPS receiver provides positioning information in Antarctica

ShangHai, China, April 9, 2013—The China 29th Antarctica scientific expedition returned back to Shanghai base after successfully completed their research missions. As the world leading high accuracy GNSS solutions provider, ComNav supplied based on its own technology developed GPS+BeiDou GNSS receiver for this expedition. This was the first time that ComNav GNSS receiver worked in such extreme bad environment. But the reliable and outstanding performance of the receiver gave a very deep impression to the expedition team. “The fast searching satellites speed and the accurate positioning result saved us lots of time in the extreme cold field” says one the of the team member. It was the first time that BeiDou receiver worked in Antarctica area which could also gave the feedback to the BeiDou Satellite Navigation System from the collected data.


The 29th Antarctica scientific expedition took 156 days traveled around 29000 nautical miles and four times passed through westerlies. It first time reached 75°7.2 S which was the new record of sailing in China. During this expedition, the team completed 53 scientific missions and construction tasks in Great Wall, Zhongshan and Kunlun station.


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ComNav Technology Ltd. is a world leading high accuracy positioning solutions supplier which focuses on the high accuracy GNSS core technology R&D, manufacturing and marketing. As the first Chinese high accuracy GNSS OEM board manufacturer and the world first company which could produce GPS+BeiDou OEM board, ComNav is dedicating to supply the reliable and competitive high accuracy GNSS solutions to worldwide customers.

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