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ComNav GNSS OEM Boards were largely used in China driving test system

ComNav GNSS OEM Boards were largely used in China driving test system

ShangHai, China, July 16 2013—Along with the car sales booming in China the high car accident happening rate makes the government headache. From the statistics of the accidents the police found most of the disasters were caused by the new drivers who were always called road killers. Since one year ago China police ministry decided to change the method of current driving test system by using more strict method to train more skilled new drivers. Also this new system could avoid the cheat which always happened before. According to the new testing system rules, the high accuracy GNSS receiver became the ideal sensor to enforce the new testing. By offering the turnkey solution, ComNav grabbed this opportunity and sold more than 5000 pieces (From November 2012 to July 2013) GNSS OEM boards/receivers to this new business which took the major market share.


The theory of the system is as follows. With the RTK method to get the real time accurate heading and position of the car then can judge the car is in the right area or not. There have two parts, one is the base station which will send the differential data to the rover, the other is on the rover part which will be installed on the car. Normally client will use ComNav M600 GNSS receiver which could get position and heading of the car. Surveying the testing place, marking the testing area and measuring the car shape need to be done before the installation. With the help of 3G or WIFI, the real time data could transmit to the control center. Both the trainee and system will know the testing result without any delay.


Theory Diagram


Side Parking


Testing car with installed GNSS Receiver


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