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ComNav Chairman Interview in Geospatial World

ComNav Chairman Interview in Geospatial World

Shanghai, China, August 15, 2013—Dr. Wang Yongquan, the Chairman and CTO of ComNav Technology Ltd., recently gave an interview to the Geospatial World Magazine. In this interview, Dr. Wang Yongquan summarized the development situation of GNSS during the past several decades and the current competitive landscape of the GNSS industry. He also predicted the application of BeiDou system in Asia Pacific and the whole world in the future. Although founded only around two years ago, ComNav was well-armed to make its way into supplying competitive high accuracy GNSS solutions to worldwide customers due to its mature market experience on high quality products and good after services.


From the view of Dr.Wang Yongquan, BeiDou would definitely dominate the China GNSS market in the next twenty years and ComNav would seize this opportunity to grow better. Besides this, open system played an important role in the development of ComNav. It helped ComNav built a closer relationship with customers.


For more information of this interview please visit http://www.geospatialworld.net/Interview/ViewInterview.aspx?id=30629.


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ComNav Technology Ltd. is a world leading high accuracy positioning solutions supplier which focuses on the high accuracy GNSS core technology R&D, manufacturing and marketing. As the first Chinese high accuracy GNSS OEM board manufacturer and the world first company which could produce GPS+BeiDou OEM board, ComNav is dedicated to supply the reliable and competitive high accuracy GNSS solutions to worldwide customers.

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