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ComNav Introduces T300 GNSS Receiver to Land Surveying, Construction and Mining Market

ComNav Introduces T300 GNSS Receiver to Land Surveying, Construction and Mining Market

ComNav introduces today the T300 GNSS Receiver, the lightest and smallest (volume) receiver in the world.


ComNav’s T300 GNSS receiver is an ideal product which combines lots of market proved advantages together, and it could track all the working GNSS constellations including GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS and SBAS with 256 channels. By using the unique QUANTM algorithm, T300 could work as RTK mode by using any single GNSS constellation such as GLONASS or BeiDou.


Besides its ultra small size and outstanding performance, another shining point of the T300 is the dual battery input design. On the one hand, this smart design could reduce the power consuming and supply more power, on the other hand, it could make the whole system work more effectively and the two batteries could swap with each other when one battery is gone and will not affect the field work at all. More importantly, from the convenience point of view, the T300 is designed to use normal consuming batteries that can be easily found in electronic shops, since now most batteries for receivers are technical. ComNav believes that this humanized design could help users save a lot no matter on time or money.


T300 will be ready to ship in the end of December 2013.


About ComNav


ComNav Technology Ltd. is a world leading high accuracy positioning solutions supplier which focuses on the high accuracy GNSS core technology R&D, manufacturing and marketing. As the first Chinese high accuracy GNSS OEM board manufacturer and the world first company which could produce GPS+BeiDou OEM board, ComNav is dedicated to supplying the reliable and competitive high accuracy GNSS solutions to worldwide customers.

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