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ComNav Technology introduced new generation data collector R60
ComNav Technology introduced new generation data collector R60 by powerful combination of hardware and software. With the ergonomic design and Android 12 OS, R60 can definitely ensure the professionalism and flexibility in your field surveying work.
Photo Sharing Contest 2022: Together, We Create the Golden Decade!
Founded in 2012, ComNav Technology has carried out various projects all around the globe for 10 years. So we’re looking for great photos of you, our customers, and your ComNav’s solution in action to record the Golden Decade. The Photo Sharing Contest 2022 “Together, We Create the Next Golden Decade!” takes place from 6th May to 27th May 2022. Come and join in!
P300 Series: Unique Combination of GNSS Receiver and Rugged Tablet
ComNav Technology released P300 Series GNSS Tablet to the global market. Based on the K8 platform, the high-precision GNSS in-cab Android rugged tablet brings innovative, industry-leading performance and ease of use to various operations in precision agriculture, autonomous driving, machine control, and other industries.
Together, we create the next "Golden Decade"!
This year is the 10th Anniversary of ComNav Technology Ltd. As one of the establishers, as the chairman of the board, Dr. Yongquan Wang wrote this letter to thank all those who have contributed to the ComNav family in the past 10 years.
ComNav Technology Released Unmanned Aerial Mapping Solution
Based on K8 platform, ComNav Technology released a powerful and reliable UAV solution capable for photo position at centimeter level, providing high-precision results for the users.
People’s Daily published the article Beidou Technology Promotes the Quality of China-Africa Cooperation
On February 11, 2022, People’s Daily, the largest newspaper group in China, published the article Beidou Technology Promotes the Quality of China-Africa Cooperation (China-Africa Cooperation in the New Era), reporting that ComNav Technology Ltd. has yielded fruitful results in African land mapping, continuous operating station (CORS) construction, precision agriculture and other fields by applying Beidou technology.
The Legend Continues: Monumental Upgrade of T300 and T300 Plus
ComNav Technology announced a monumental upgrade of the T300 and T300 Plus GNSS receiver to the global market, including the upgrade to the new GNSS K8 platform on both receivers and the replacement of tilt sensor to IMU module on T300 Plus.
ComNav Donated Two N3 IMU GNSS Receivers to UASD!
ComNav and FUNDCORSRD donated two N3 IMU GNSS Receivers to the Surveying School of UASD. It will be used for field practices of specialized Topography and Geodesy by the students.
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