CDL5 UHF External Datalink

The CDL5 is a three-in-one RX/TX/Repeater UHF external datelink with the entire range of 410-470 MHz, designed for GNSS system applications. The high-power design will expand your RTK working range, and the rugged IP67 proof level can protect it from harsh environments.


  • Designed for GNSS RTK Survey Systems
  • Change Channels From 410-470 MHz in the Field
  • Channel Spacing at 12.5 kHz
  • Support 9600/19200 Air Baud Rate
  • 6 User-defined Power Levels From 2W to 30W
  • Anti-reverse Power Protection
  • Super-rugged IP67 Proof Level and Robust Reliability
  • Work as TX/RX/Repeater Mode
  • Support Industry Common UHF Protocols

TX & RX & Repeater

The CDL5 can be worked in both TX/RX mode and is also capable of repeating real-time data, the work coverage can be enhanced by the function of repeaters.


Industry Protocols

The CDL5 supports industry common UHF protocols, such as Transparent/South/Mac/TT450, which is compatible with most data link related products.



With IP67 waterproof and dustproof level and fully metal construction, the CDL5 provides high performance and rugged dependability for the toughest environment.

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Frequency Range: 410-470 MHz
Channel Spacing: 12.5 kHz Channel Spacing ± 1.5 ppm Stability
Work Mode: Half-duplex
Frequency Stability: 1.5ppm
Modulation System: GMSK
Air Baud Rate: 9600/19200 bps Selectable
Protocol Type: Transparent/South/Mac/TT450
Adjacent Channel Rejection Ratio: - 55 dB
Forward Error Correction: Yes
Sensitivity: -117dBm BER 10-5
Size (with connector): 11cm × 18cm × 9.3cm
Weight: 1.3 kg
Mount: Tripod Bracket, 5/8”-11 Range Pole
Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +75℃
Storage Temperature: -50℃ to +85℃
Humidity: 100% no condensation
Dustproof and waterproof: IP67, protected from temporary immersion to depth 1m
Power Supply: +10V ~ +14.5V DC
Transmit Current: 1-2A (2W output power) 5-6A (30W output power)
Received Current: 200mA (0.75W)
Transmit Power: 2W/5W/10W/15W/20W/30W
Data Connector: 1 Serial Port (7-pin Lemo) Baud rates 38400bps (4800 bps to 115200 bps optional)
Power Connector: 2-pin Lemo port
RF External: 50 Ohm, N-TYPE female
User Interface:

- Power button (for powering receiver)

- Channel button

- Power selected button

- Digital display


SinoGNSS CDL5 UHF External Datalink.pdf Release date: 2021-04-13 Version:2.0

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