How to active PPP option for GNSS modules/receivers in your hand

SinoGNSS K8 series modules have been fully upgraded. The latest V8 official firmware version supports both PPP and RTK, users have the flexibility to switch between different work modes. SinoGNSS modules support PPP service including PPP-B2b from Beidou, and PPP-HAS from Galileo, no matter where you located, you can benefit from the PPP service. In this article, we will introduce the configuration step by step, to help you enable PPP option.



1.  Upgrade to PPP firmware, send command:

freset //Make sure the new firmware configuration takes effect

2.  Install and connect CRU or other serial port software


3.  Send command:

log version //Check firmware version

4.  Send command:

log gpgga ontime 1 //Get positioning information
The current positioning status is “1”

5.  Send command:

set ppp on //Enable PPP mode.
Entering state “16” within 1 minutes, indicating that PPP is converging, the converge time is 15-20 minutes, and the completed converge state is marked as “15”.

6.  Send command:

Log sysconfig //check PPP configuration



7.  Open【PVT View】through【View】

View the positioning status and positioning accuracy in real time.


PPP related commands:

log gpgga ontime 1 //Positioning information
set ppp on/off //PPP on/off command
set pppsource has //PPP data source switched to only use HAS
set pppsource b2b //PPP data source switched to only use B2b
set pppsource BHS //PPP data source switched to use both HAS and B2b
log sysconfig //Check pppsource, the default is BHS

With new firmware version, the modules support not only PPP/RTK separately, but also combines the frame of local RTK and PPP, in the future blog we will introduce the details.





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