Description of Common Commands

Upon receiving any GNSS modules/GPS modules for the first time, it's natural to want to verify certain essential information. To assist you with SinoGNSS K8-series GNSS modules in this process, We've compiled a list of frequently used checking commands that we'd like to share with you today.


Such as Log version/loglist/comconfig...


What do these instructions entail in terms of details? Let's delve into the specifics.


Begin by connecting our board and powering it on. Press the power button, and the software will promptly exhibit power-on information. For instance,




CBOOT 7.3.5 BUILD (2022-Sep-29 09:48:29) // BOOT version and version development date.

SN: 01A0 09158478 2022/03/09 A11 735 // SN number and factory date

VCXO valid! Init Value:2177. // vcxo works, Init value is 2177.

Register Code is OK. // Registration code verification successful

No valid RTC time.

##DR_GNSSFreq: 0x1!




log version // Check the receiver board type, SN serial number, firmware version, FPGA version, BOOT version and other information.



<VERSION COM1 0 60.0 UNKNOWN 1930 000141.100 00000000 0000 1114

<     1

<          GPSCARD "S32352K803" "0915847800000000" "CRDK-803AA-TTT-0" "610T5-22AO2-1" "7.3.5" "2022/Dec/12" "17:54:46"

✔ GPSCARD // product type

✔ "S32352K803" // Satellite Constellation Model Information(S32352); oard model(K803)

✔ "0915847800000000" // Board SN number(09057347); Reserved(00000000)

✔ "CRDK-803AA-TTT-0" // Hardware Version Information

✔ "610T5-22AO2-1" // Firmware version(610T5); FPGA Version(22AO2); Registered,if not registered, it is empty(1).

✔ “7.3.5” // BOOT version number.

Command accepted! Port: COM1. // COM1 port has received




log loglist // view the command information currently set by the receiver/board







The content of ”LOG COMCONFIG/COMCONFIGA/COMCONFIGB” is the same, but they are different information formats.


log comconfig // Check the serial port status and baud rate setting of the receiver/board.


The meanings of the numbers in the two columns of RxType/TxType are:

"1": Any setting of the port can input and output commands normally;

"27": Set as RTK differential port, unable to receive commands.


➤ log comconfiga // Describe the configuration of the serial port, such as baud rate, COM ID, etc.




✔ “#COMCONFIGA,COM1,0,60.0,UNKNOWN,1930,000416.550,00000000,0000,1114” // COMCONFIG Header ;

✔ “*df1d6a86” // 32-bit CRC check (only available for ASCII and binary)


log comconfigb


Binary Message ID: 317  Week:2277  GPST:442741.000


There are three ways to express the data in the board: Simplified ASCII, ASCII and Binary. All commands and messages can be expressed in any one of the three formats. In addition, ComNav boards also support RTCM2.X, RTCM3.X, RTCM, CMR and NMEA format messages. The number of bytes of binary data is minimal.




log sysconfig // Check basic configuration, rtk configuration and work mode like PPS, Event, and SBAS.


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log reglist // View board function registration information



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Unlogall // cancel the output of specific serial port messages. If no serial port is specified, the message output of all serial ports will be stopped.

If serial port is specified, the message output of the specified serial port will be stopped. For example,

unlogall com1  // then the output of serial port 1 will stop.





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