Answering Your Questions About N3 GNSS Receiver

Since the release of N3 this month, our customers have shown great interest in N3 GNSS receivers. Here we have collected customer questions about N3 and provided answers in this blog.


1. What is the accuracy of N3 in static mode?

It can reach 2.5 mm + 0.5 ppm horizontal & 5 mm + 0.5 ppm vertical accuracy in fast static mode, and 3 mm + 0.1 ppm horizontal & 3.5 mm + 0.4 ppm vertical accuracy in long-observation static mode.


2. The UHF working range of N3 hit to 15km. In what conditions was it tested?

The maximum UHF working range of N3 is 15KM in ideal conditions and varies in different environments. We set up the base in the open area of our company and tested the rover in an open urban environment without obstacles.


3. UHF long range is great but on which UHF Band are you streaming?

The UHF band range of N3 is from 410-470 MHz with 12.5 KHz channel spacing, the transmission protocol of which is defined by ComNav Technology.


4. How many degrees of inclination N3 measures?

It supports up to 60 degrees IMU tilt surveying.


5. How long is the working range of internal/external radio?

The internal radio working range of N3 can reach maximum 15KM in ideal conditions. As for the external radio range, it will depend on the external datalink you use. For CDL5 external datalink, it can normally reach 10-15km. One thing we need to remind is that due to the enhanced UHF of N3, it is not compatible with normal receiver UHF and external UHF.

Btw, if you want to get a longer working range in urban environment, we recommend the GSM work mode.


6. Can you elaborate how reacquisition function works?

When users are in harsh environment and doubt if the RTK result is reliable, the re-acquisition function can re-calculate the RTK results. Users only need to tap the button instead of reset or re-initialize the receiver.


7. Is it working in the middle of forest?

Yes. Due to the upgrade of K8-platform, the satellite tracking capability and RTK algorithm of N3 have been largely improved. N3 can track more satellites (including GPS, BDS, GLONASS, Galileo & QZSS) and shows better performance in obstructed environments, including the forest, urban canyon and so on.


8. Can N3 and N5/T30 work together?

This depends on the work mode you choose. For the internal GSM work mode, N3 and N5 can work together. As for the internal/external radio modes, N3 is not compatible with N5.


9. Is N3 working only on 4G or 3/4G?

N3 supports both 3G and 4G.


10. How many channel it has?

N3 has 1198 channels. You can refer to the product datasheet for details.


11. Is there any difference at different tilt angle?

When the tilt angle is within 60 degrees, the accuracy of N3 is within 2cm, and there will be no obvious difference in accuracy.


12. What is price and how can you buy N3?

If you’re interested in N3, you can contact or local distributors to buy.





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