ComNav Technology Launched GNSS High Precision Positioning Solution for Lawn Mower

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of environmentally friendly and intelligent robotic lawn mowers. Mowing is becoming more convenient, safe and easy-to-do.

The navigation and positioning of mowers are crucial for their autonomous operation. For the automatic and intelligent operation of lawn mowers, ComNav Technology provides high-precision positioning solutions.




I. R&D background

It is difficult to develop new lawn mowers due to the following limitation: The traditional lawn mower obtains navigation information by means of visual and acoustic sensors, usually by embedding cables in the working area and detecting through eddy current sensors. The shortcomings are obvious, for example, before the mower startup it must be set up with cables and other equipment. Cable requirements differ from the land, and cable laying is very complicated. This wastes resources and money in a sense.

From this point of view, ComNav applied the K8 series high-precision modules to lawn mowers in order to break through the application limit and solve the accuracy problem before-mentioned: make the lawn mower achieve centimeter-level driving according to the setup path in the open field. They can still operate perfectly under trees, around corners, or in other obscured areas thanks to ComNav's Quantum algorithm  and LAI, HighLock , PPP, RTK-KEEP technologies.



II. Introduction of ComNav’s solution

Based on the K8 Series GNSS high-precision module, ComNav facilitates the lawn mower's fieldwork with position data provided by GNSS constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS.

The high-precision positioning system of lawn mowers consists of a base station and a rover station. Three solutions are recommended for the terminal to obtain differential data from the base station:


A.“B+R” Datalink

Base station acquires differential data through datalink and provides corrections to rover. The rover station, comprising the parts installed on the lawn mower, including the GNSS antenna, the GNSS high-precision module, datalink, and UHF antenna, enables centimeter-level positioning and navigation.


B. Local CORS Network

Utilizing existed local CORS, rover station obtains differential data from CORS service. In this way, the lawn mower achieves positioning and navigation on a centimeter level.

C. Self-built CORS Network

Base stations can be built anywhere based on requirements. It eliminates the worry about prevailing conditions and makes high-precision positioning and navigation of lawn mower possible.



III. Aynalyse of ComNav’s solutions



IV. Features of Product and Technology

Product Features:











Technology Features:

LAI Technology

The Low power anti-interference (LAI) technology is ComNav's patented technology. Its Jamming-to-Signal Ratio is up to 50dB. And power consumption is only 0.1W when turned on.

By fast detecting and eliminating interference with simple settings, LAI technology can reduce failure time and ensure safe operation. Furthermore, the technology can generate a spectrum diagram of interference sources so as to identify the interference types and potential interference sources.


Quantum Algorithm

The Quantum algorithm has sophisticated technology for detecting and repairing cycle slips. Utilizing full-constellation and full-frequency tracking capabilities along with multi-frequency combination, model and parameter estimation, Quantum is able to eliminate the errors caused by ionosphere, troposphere, and multipath in seconds. As a result, the initialization time of RTK is greatly shortened and precision and reliability are improved. Meantime, the extra-long baseline calculation capability expands the operation range.


RTK-KEEP Technology

By estimating model and parameter values, RTK-KEEP Technology can reduce errors caused by the satellite orbit, clock difference, ionosphere, and troposphere when base station's data is lost. Centimeter-level accuracy can be kept for more than ten minutes, greatly improving the availability of RTK.



IIV. Benefits of ComNav’s Solution

1. High Efficiency

ComNav's solution allows the lawn mower to achieve centimeter-level positioning and reduce mowing repetitions.


2. Safety & Reliability

ComNav's solution facilitate the lawnmower to operate safely and reliably in the corners, under trees, or other places where satellite signal is weak or lost.


3. Wide Availability

Having strong anti-interference capabilities, the lawn mower can maintain continuous and effective positioning in complex environments, meeting the needs of a variety of applications.




About ComNav Technology

ComNav Technology is the major provider of GNSS OEM boards, receivers and high precision positioning solutions, encompassing product development, and marketing. Its technology and products have already been applied in a wide range of fields such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, and unmanned system. With its experienced team and innovational spirit, ComNav Technology is always trying best to provide reliable and competitive products to global customers. ComNav Technology has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Science and Technology Board), securities :ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 688592.


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