G100/G200 GIS Solution

G100/G200 GIS Solution

The G100/G200 is a rugged, compact, wearable GNSS receiver that provides professional-level positioning data to any connected mobile device with Android and Windows Mobile operating system. Integrating an antenna and the high-performance SinoGNSS OEM board inside, the G100 receiver delivers sub-meter accuracy positioning for your GIS applications. With SinoGNSS AT-series GNSS antenna, the G200 is able to deliver centimeter positioning accuracy for multiple land survey tasks.







Application Industry

Land Surveying

Land surveying plays a very important role on making the high accuracy GNSS technology popular.
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Machine Control

ComNav offers professional high-accuracy positioning solutions for multiple machine control applications.
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R550 Data Collector

Compared with the R500, R550 is a more professional light Android-Based data collector for field surveying and data collection.

G200 GNSS Receiver

The G200 is able to delivery robust survey workflows with SinoGNSS Android-based Survey Master Software, so that you collect quality high-accuracy positions no matter what mobile device you use. No heavy, expensive data collectors required and no compromise with quality but at an affordable price for every surveyor.


SinoGNSS G100G200 GIS Solution-DS-ENG

Release Date:2023-02-21

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