P8H GNSS Tablet GIS Solution

P8H GNSS Tablet GIS Solution

P8H is a professional GNSS tablet with full constellations and multi-frequency.Integrated high-performance. K803 GNSS modulewith helix/qeodetic antenna,it can deliver centimeter-level positioning in RTK mode without external equipmentbringing a revolution to both GIS and RTK measurement.With flexible communication, rugged housinggreat compatibility and strong performanceP8H provides users with a cost-effective &high-efficiency surveying solution.










Application Industry

Land Surveying

Land surveying plays a very important role on making the high accuracy GNSS technology popular.
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P8 Tablet

With 8 inch sunlight readable screen, and powered by Android 12, P8 tablet provides an efficient experience for field users. Optional high precision GNSS version for GIS applications.


SinoGNSS Solution P8 Tablet High Precision Version-ENG

Release Date:2023-02-20


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