A300 GNSS Receiver

With the SinoGNSS K8 platform, the A300 GNSS receiver can achieve millimeter-level positioning accuracy. The A300 is a universal GNSS receiver compatible with multiple sensors for various monitoring tasks, which is one of the best choices for monitoring solutions.
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Venus Laser RTK

Venus Laser RTK is an innovative GNSS receiver that enables rodless surveying with a millimeter laser, breaking the usual constraints. Plus the 380g weight minimizes users’ fatigue and the handheld design facilitates operation.
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N2 Palm GNSS Receiver

Slim-line design makes the N2 one of the most compact GNSS receiver: only 48mm and 0.65kg including battery Compared with a typical GNSS receiver, it is more than 35% thinner and 40% lighter, can be carried, used and operated more easily without fatigue.
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M10 Mini GNSS Receiver

Integrated built-in antenna, multi-frequency and full constellations OEM board, 4G module, Bluetooth and 3000mAh battery to become a small dimension portable device, work smoothly with NaviCloud, its powerful and comprehensive capabilities make it an ideal choice for personnel tracking and security.
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N3 IMU GNSS Receiver

Featuring 1198 channels of tracking all running and planned constellations, enhanced UHF for up to 15km working range, improved high precision IMU and over 24 hours working time, the N3 receiver making it more efficient for your survey tasks.
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M900 GNSS Receiver

Featuring advanced QUANTUMTM technology, integrated navigation, flexible transmission and rugged proof-level, M900 is a wise choice for unmanned systems and navigation applications.
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A100 GNSS Receiver

Designed with full-constellation tracking capability, flexible interface, 20Hz output rate and DP-filter smooth function, the A100 will provide a reliable and efficient vehicle-mounted positioning solution.
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M300 Pro II GNSS Receiver

On the basis of M300 Pro, which features full-constellation tracking capability, built-in webserver, flexible interfaces for external device, user-friendly front panel display, M300 Pro II adds an optical fiber interface and a built-in TF-card with password protection, providing a reliable and secure high precision positioning solution for global telecom providers.
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With built-in IMU engine, full-constellation tracking capability, 4G/WiFi/Bluetooth® connection and easy survey workflow with Android-based Survey Master Software, the T30 IMU GNSS receiver is an ideal choice for your survey task.
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