M10 Mini GNSS Receiver

Integrated built-in antenna, multi-frequency and full constellations OEM board, 4G module, Bluetooth and 3000mAh battery to become a small dimension portable device, work smoothly with NaviCloud, its powerful and comprehensive capabilities make it an ideal choice for personnel tracking and security.
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M900 GNSS Receiver

Featuring advanced QUANTUMTM technology, integrated navigation, flexible transmission and rugged proof-level, M900 is a wise choice for unmanned systems and navigation applications.
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M300 Pro II GNSS Receiver

On the basis of M300 Pro, which features full-constellation tracking capability, built-in webserver, flexible interfaces for external device, user-friendly front panel display, M300 Pro II adds an optical fiber interface and a built-in TF-card with password protection, providing a reliable and secure high precision positioning solution for global telecom providers.
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M300 Plus GNSS Receiver

The M300 Plus GNSS Receiver uses ComNav Technology new generation GNSS engine, which makes it possible to keep track of more signals from all running satellite constellations. By using the powerful adaptive detecting and canceling technology, the M300 Plus GNSS receiver can further enhance anti-jamming capability to provide reliable GNSS data which is very critical for a reference station.
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M300 Pro GNSS Receiver

With SinoGNSS QUANTUM™ Technology and full-constellation tracking capability, the M300 Pro GNSS reference station is one of the most robust and future-proof GNSS solution for CORS.

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M300 GNSS Receiver

The M300 GNSS Receiver is a multi-purpose device for high-precision GNSS applications featuring full-constellation tracking, for centimeter accuracy survey on demand.
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M300 Mini GNSS Receiver

The M300 Mini is designed as a multi-functional GNSS receiver, for high-precision GNSS applications featuring full-constellation tracking, for centimeter accuracy survey on demand,which is customizable based on your requirements.
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M600 GNSS Receiver

The M600 GNSS receiver is able to deliver robust heading and positioning, with its rugged design and ease of integration, it is designed to deliver centimeter-accuracy positioning and high-accuracy heading to a wide range of mobile applications.
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M600 Mini GNSS Receiver

The M600 Mini GNSS Receiver integrate two antenna connectors in one box, it is an economical choice for challenging guidance and positioning applications.
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