U702 Datalink Module

The U702 datalink module is a RX/TX data link module supports LoRa modulation technique. Its compact surface-mounted design enables easy for GNSS integration.
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K827 GNSS Board

K827 is comnav’s best-in-class K8 series board. It is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver featuring reliable positioning performance with two independent RTK engine on one board. It can offer centimeter positioning accuracy in harsh environment.
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A300 GNSS Receiver

With the SinoGNSS K8 platform, the A300 GNSS receiver can achieve millimeter-level positioning accuracy. The A300 is a universal GNSS receiver compatible with multiple sensors for various monitoring tasks, which is one of the best choices for monitoring solutions.
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K801 GNSS Module

The K801 GNSS module is a high-performance, low-cost GNSS positioning module. Featuring surface mounted design, smaller size of 12mmx 16mm and low power consumption, K801 is ideal for consuming market and solutions such as Internet of Things, intelligent driving, UAV and robotics.
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Venus Laser RTK

Venus Laser RTK is an innovative GNSS receiver that enables rodless surveying with a millimeter laser, breaking the usual constraints. Plus the 380g weight minimizes users’ fatigue and the handheld design facilitates operation.
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K803 GNSS OEM module

The K803 is a full-constellation triple-frequency GNSS OEM board with IMU module featuring superior performance and compact design.
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K823 GNSS OEM module

The K823 is a dual-antenna dual-frequency and full-constellation GNSS OEM board with IMU module, which delivers robust high-precision positioning & heading information.
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N2 Palm GNSS Receiver

Slim-line design makes the N2 one of the most compact GNSS receiver: only 48mm and 0.65kg including battery Compared with a typical GNSS receiver, it is more than 35% thinner and 40% lighter, can be carried, used and operated more easily without fatigue.
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M10 Mini GNSS Receiver

Integrated built-in antenna, multi-frequency and full constellations OEM board, 4G module, Bluetooth and 3000mAh battery to become a small dimension portable device, work smoothly with NaviCloud, its powerful and comprehensive capabilities make it an ideal choice for personnel tracking and security.
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