M300 Plus GNSS Receiver

M300 Plus GNSS Receiver

The M300 Plus GNSS Receiver uses ComNav Technology new generation GNSS engine, which makes it possible to keep track of more signals from all running satellite constellations. By using the powerful adaptive detecting and canceling technology, the M300 Plus GNSS receiver can further enhance anti-jamming capability to provide reliable GNSS data which is very critical for a reference station.

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01.Working with all running constellations

02.Optimized narrow band technologies targeting at higher data quality

03.Compact and rugged housing with flexible interfaces for external devices

04.Integrated Ethernet and 4G modem guarantees the stability internet communications

05.Easy to remote configure by built-in web server


Full-constellation tracking

The M300 Plus tracks 574 channels for all running satellites constellations, which includes GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Beidou global, and Galileo.


Ethernet and 4G data transmitting

Combined with standard Ethernet port, and one 4G module as backup, M300 Plus supports five independent data transfer through TCP protocol in RTCM, ComNav binary, NMEA, BINEX data formats, and Ntrip protocol.


Powerful remote control

The M300 Plus powerful built-in Webserver provides a full remote control of receiver configuration, status checking, firmware update, and data download and user management.


SinoGNSS M300 Plus GNSS Receiver

Release Date:2023-02-17

Version:Version: 1.0

Cost-efficient CORS Solutions for GNSS Networks - ENG

Release Date:2023-02-17

Version:Version: 1.0


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