M10 Mini GNSS Receiver

M10 Mini GNSS Receiver

Integrated built-in antenna, multi-frequency and full constellations OEM board, 4G module, Bluetooth and 3000mAh battery to become a small dimension portable device, work smoothly with NaviCloud, its powerful and comprehensive capabilities make it an ideal choice for personnel tracking and security.

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01.Full GNSS constellations, multi-frequency tracking

02.Work seamlessly with NaviCloud Personnel Security Platform

03.Ideal for position tracking applications 

04.Quickly accessed and configured with Android APP

05.In-built antenna and K803 OEM board

06.6 hours battery life

07.IP67 water-proof and dust-proof


Powerful positioning

With a built-in antenna and a multi-frequency OEM board that tracks 965 channels and full GNSS constellations, it can obtain accuracy positioning from sub-meter to centimeter. 


Security application

The M10 Mini can be easily used for a wide range of personnel positioning applications by uploading the position data. Combined with NaviCloud, functions such as historical track query, electric fence, equipment management and rescue management could be achieved. 


Portable design

With small dimension and light weight, the M10 Mini can go wherever you go. It can be worn on the arm, hung on the backpack, fixed on the helmet or any other objects you want. 


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SinoGNSS M10 Mini GNSS Receiver

Release Date:2023-02-17

Version:Version: 1.0


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