TS-C100 Total Station

TS-C100 Total Station

With prism-free measurement technology, the TS-C100 total station can tackle with all kinds tasks even in harsh environment with high speed and high efficiency. Featured programs such as coordinate measurement, angle measurement, traverse measurement, road design and area calculation, it's your most cost-effective choice for surveying and inspections, building construction and civil engineering and other applications.

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01.New ranging circuit system and ultra-low noise broadband amplifier

02.Noise phase analysis algorithm, stronger resistance

03.Temperature and atmospheric automatic correction system

04.Easy-to-use onboard system

05.LCD 6 lines screen


High Precision

It combines innovative ranging circuit system with self-developed ultra-low noise broadband amplifier to ensure the accuracy of 2mm+2ppm. The mechanical structure benefits the angular accuracy up to 2’’.


Excellent Capability

The advanced noise phase analysis algorithm greatly reduces the interference of various noises on the phase measurement results under harsh conditions


User-Friendly Interface

Clear interface supports EXCEL and DAT file import/export; 19-bit code displays makes the point information clear at a glance; The users can add known point files, and invoke their coordinates for all the projects. 


SinoGNSS TS-C100.pdf

Release Date:2023-02-18

Version:Version: 1.0


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