Rice Planting With AG360Pro Autosteer System Was Reported by CCTV

Around April, the rice planting season in northeast China started! Tractors with ComNav Technology’s AG360 Pro autosteer system have been running in the 2,000 acres farm, which even show up to China Central Television (CCTV) of Heilongjiang.



In the paddies, the transplanters equipped with the AG360Pro were at constant speed, inserting the seedlings into the soil accurately at the same depth and keeping horizontal and vertical alignment. The neat rows of seedlings put on "new clothes" for the watered paddies.



"It not only reduces the labor cost by half, but also makes the row spacing and depth of planting seedlings more accurate by automatic driving, which maximizes the survival rate of seedlings at the later stage."

 --The owner of the farmer Mr. Yao.


- ComNav Agricultural machinery navigation rice transplanting operation -


Based on ComNav's core GNSS technology, AG360Pro autosteer system ensures 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy. And there is no seedling failure or breakage, so as to make agricultural production more accurate and efficient.


After the installation of AG360Pro, farmers only need to set and plan the working path in advance. This is so that the transplanter can complete the operation independently in the field. The vehicle can drill, apply mulch, and plant all at once. With AG360Pro, it can achieve straight lines, curve lines and make automatic U-turns, which greatly improves transplant efficiency and quality.


- The effect of ComNav agricultural machinery navigation transplanting rice seedlings -


AG360Pro autosteering system is compatible with various tractor brands, bringing positive experiences to farmers. We believe that precision agriculture is the future. Autosteering system will surely be an integral part of it.


To know more details about AG360Pro Autosteering system, pleas click the link as below: https://www.comnavtech.com/AG360.html





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