ComNav Technology at INTERGEO 2023: Navigating a Bright Future


Berlin, Germany - October 12, 2023 — Berlin, a city steeped in history, is playing host to the world's leading gathering in the geospatial industry, INTERGEO 2023. From October 10th to 12th, five expansive exhibition halls are buzzing with activity, housing over 560 exhibitors from more than 40 nations. Among them, ComNav Technology Ltd. (ComNav) takes stage with two booths, C25.88 and A27.41, each meticulously tailored to showcase the cutting-edge offerings and technologies.


INTERGEO 2023 marks the 29th iteration of this prestigious event, highlighting its enduring influence in the realm of geospatial applications and technologies. ComNav's journey with INTERGEO began in 2013, and over the past decade, the company has experienced remarkable growth. This year, August 16th stood out as ComNav launched its initial public offering, securing a listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's Science and Technology Innovation Board (stock code: 688592). This milestone underscores ComNav's remarkable growth and dedication to advancing navigation tech.


ComNav has distributed more than 700,000 GNSS chips and modules to approximately 140 countries and regions, earning SinoGNSS a prominent reputation for high-quality products and exceptional performance, coupled with excellent after-sales service. The commitment to innovation and relentless research and development embodies ComNav Technology's forward-thinking approach, driving navigation technology toward a promising future.


Booth A27.41 is the epicenter of GNSS OEM boards and modules, datalink modules, and enterprise solutions. ComNav's expert team is on hand, providing professional consultation about K8 OEM modules and sharing invaluable insights into The dedication to engaging with attendees, answering questions, and providing expert guidance creates an interactive and informative experience for all who visit.


Discussed with industry professionals

Booth C25.88 boasts a diverse range of products, including GNSS Receivers, GNSS Tablets, Total Stations, RTK drones, Laser Scanning Mobile Measurement Systems, and more. ComNav also introduces tailored solutions designed specifically for applications in land surveying, GIS, UAV, CORS, high-accuracy piling, precision agriculture, machine control, monitoring, and more.


The Universe Series GNSS Receiver is to the taste of INTERGEO visitors and exhibitors, captivates with over a dozen daily demonstrations. The public has shown profound interest in our innovations in the RTK receiver field. The newly launched Mars RTK and Mars Pro Laser RTK incorporate cutting-edge laser technology, simplify surveying and stake-outs, particularly in challenging environments such as hard-to-reach areas, signal-obstructed locations, and hazardous sites. This innovation offers unparalleled stability and accuracy, significantly enhancing user safety.

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Advanced products garnered substantial interest from numerous attendees

Comnav's technology and demonstrations captivate visitors. With sincere dedication and a strong work ethic, we actively listen to our customers' needs and deliver the highest level of professionalism. We are committed to enhancing customer engagement and communication, consistently striving for deeper interaction and understanding. It also attracted the attention of the media. On the first day of the exhibition, the chief editor of GPSWorld conducted interviews and showed great interest in the unique Laser RTK.

Simon Peng, Director Overseas Business Department of ComNav interviewed by GPS World

On Day 1 of INTERGERO, ComNav invited our partners at Hotel Adlon Kempinski to express our heartfelt gratitude to the global network of collaborative partners who have played a significant role in the success of IPO. At this event, we shared our joy, and discussed for the future strategy.

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ComNav and partners at dinner event

INTERGEO 2023 offers geospatial professionals a unique opportunity to stay updated on industry trends, engage with innovative solutions, and connect with industry leaders like ComNav Technology. With the continued dedication to advancing navigation technology, ComNav Technology is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of geospatial innovation.


Next year, we anticipate the addition of more partners and clients to join our expanding family at this new beginning. We look forward to meeting you at INTERGEO 2024 as we continue to grow our network and explore new opportunities for collaboration and business partnerships!






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ComNav Technology develops and manufactures GNSS OEM boards and receivers for high precision positioning demanded applications. Its technology already been used in a wide range of applications such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, unmanned system. With a team dedicated for the GNSS technology, ComNav Technology is trying its best to supply reliable and competitive products to worldwide customers. ComNav Technology has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Science and Technology Board), securities :ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 688592.



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