ComNav Helped Laos to Build the First CORS Station

Shanghai, China, December 3, 2013­­—Laos" first Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) was officially put into service with the help of ComNav technology Ltd. at Beijing time at 19:37 on November 25, 2013, which was also the first time that BeiDou CORS reference station was built and came into force in Laos and marked that China BeiDou Navigation System had enhanced the influence on Southeast Asia


The high precision GNSS (GPS+GLONASS+BeiDou) receiver, independently developed by ComNav Technology Ltd, was adopted to the design of the CORS reference station. According to the introduction by the technical engineer, ComNav’s M300 GNSS receiver, R300 handheld GNSS receiver and CDC CORS software had been used in the CORS reference station. “At present, the CORS reference station has been put into practical use and it proves very effective”, one of the engineer from Laos said. With the help of BeiDOu, the rover can be quickly and accurately fixed even when the distance from rover to base station reaches 100km. The CORS reference station will not only meet the demands of Laos’ land surveying and mapping and forestry management but also promote the temporal and spatial monitoring and early warning research of schistosomiasis in Laos, which will surely be beneficial to enhance Laos’ public service management capabilities.




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