ComNav Won 70 Sets CORS Receivers Tender in China National CORS Project

Shanghai, China, Aug 4, 2015 ­­– Recently, the Northern Information Control Corporation (a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation) officially announced an exciting result for a reference station (with antenna) tender. ComNav Technology Ltd. defeated all competitors and became the ‘Champion’. A fabulous amount of M300 Pro from ComNav, up to seventy sets, will be used to enhance the construction of National CORS Project. National CORS Project is a national organized project with the purpose of solving security risks in the field of high precision positioning and improving the competitiveness of the BeiDou System. This project will provide high-quality of BeiDou differential correction data in nationwide, which will finally benefit high-precision differential positioning service in a variety of high accuracy applications.


Targeting at national infrastructure for high precision positioning service – National CORS Project, ComNav launched a professional CORS receiver, entitled M300 Pro, by integrating ComNav new generation OEM board. It can support all the constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo), web service, remote control and also have built-in lithium battery, which are considered to be very ideal for CORS project. M300 Pro earned kudos due to its amazing performance in data quality, compatibility and reliability. All in all, it won high score in the strict bidding testing.


M300 Pro


Once M300 Pro has been launched, it soon stuck out from a multitude of reference stations and won in this national level bidding. This tender, relating to reference station, is a comprehensive strength competition between the whole navigation industry manufacturers. Any powerful enterprises in this field would not be absent from this opportunity. Relying on superior innovative technology and satisfactory performance, ComNav M300 Pro and corresponding antenna won the bidding and became the biggest winner in this project.


Certainly, this genius equipment won’t be limited in Chinese boundaries and it will be also showcased during Intergeo 2015, and then will be officially released to international market. Do visit ComNav Booth B6.043 and a fantastic demonstration is ready for you.


About National CORS Project


The National CORS Project was officially launched in September 11, 2014, which is determined by the China North Industries Corporation. NORINCO plans to complete the construction of regional network of reference stations before the end of 2015 and put into operation to provide meter level accuracy positioning services. Before the end of 2018, the nationwide network of reference station network should be finished (with thousands reference stations) and it will provide meter, decimeter, centimeter-level and post-processing millimeter precision positioning services.


About ComNav


ComNav develops and manufactures GNSS OEM boards and receivers for high precision positioning demanded applications. Its technology already been used in lots of applications such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, unmanned system and so on. With a team dedicated for the GNSS technology, ComNav is trying its best to supply the reliable and competitive products to worldwide customers.

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