ComNav Technology Ltd. Announces the Official Trade Mark for International Market

Being the leader of high precision GNSS manufacturer, ComNav Technology Ltd. is always ambitious to grow up internationally and indeed it is on the way to become bigger and bigger. We used to use ComNav as the brief name of the company, which is translated from our Chinese company name COMPASS NAVIGATION. Nevertheless, we find one similar logo overseas which was already registered. To avoid the people of using the ComNav as a logo and ComNav would like to be more distinctive. Considering our long-term planning and development, ComNav decided to design a most extraordinary logo. That’s why SinoGNSS comes.



SinoGNSS is the official trade mark of ComNav Technology Ltd., registered in People’s Republic of China, EU, USA and Canada. SINO means China. ComNav would like to be the best among all related Chinese enterprises and represent Chinese national brand to advance towards the world. Obviously, SinoGNSS has the meaning of Chinese Global Navigation Satellite System. Therefore, Chinese Global Navigation Satellite System is equal to ComNav which is the brief calling from COMPASS NAVIGATION. Therefore, in one day, ComNav can jump into your mind spontaneously when you refer to Chinese GNSS industry.


ComNav sincerely hopes that SinoGNSS can be recognized by all people who are interested in ComNav Technology. Do remember ComNav’s new logo “SinoGNSS” and it will continually bring the new technologies to GNSS industry.

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