ComNav M300 Pro Was Used in Deformation Monitoring of Kuwait National Bank Construction Project

Shanghai, China, Aril 1, 2016 —For the large project like the construction of NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) tower, a 300m-tall building, combined concrete, steel, glazing and glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) in a shellfish shape, it’s difficult to monitor the structure tilt and movement precisely only by traditional methods. The advanced “core wall control survey” method, combined total stations and GNSS receivers, was successfully adopted in this significant project. As the inventor of this method, Joël van Cranenbroeck gave a good feedback of our M300 Pro receivers.


The National Bank of Kuwait is under construction


The core walls are constructed one on top of the other, and the placement of formwork structure on top must be done precisely using control points. And the coordinates of these control points should be determined with the main axis of center of the tower vertically. According to above requirements, this deformation monitoring system (core wall control survey) comprises a minimum of 3 GPS antenna/receivers mounted on the tall fixed poles at the top level of the formwork. A tillable circular prism was placed below each antenna and a total station instrument (TPS) with precise clinometers network is set up on the concrete visible to all GPS stations. Also the GPS operating in static mode were being used to establish survey control at the upper levels.


A variety of surveying instruments are arranged on top of the construction site


To acquire observation data, use the TPS instrument to measure angles and distances to the prisms when the GNSS receivers record in static mode. Then all observation data can be outputted to post-processing software to calculate coordinates of survey instrumentation and marks in the site project coordinates. Considering ComNav M300 Pro GNSS receiver can deliver high accuracies, it was selected as the GNSS base station in this project.


The CORS station located nearby the construction site


With a larger internal memory and expendable memory card, the integrated battery serves as either the primary power source or the stand-by uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backup, M300 Pro receiver is ideal for long-term big data storage. Also the built-in web user interface allows engineers to check information on receiver status, configuration, firmware update and RINEX file download without extra software.


M300 Pro GNSS receiver


In addition, Joël van Cranenbroeck conducted a zero baseline test between ComNav GNSS M300 Pro and Leica GRX1200, showed the differences were less than a millimetre. This means that ComNav M300 Pro receiver has competitive and proved matching quality. 


For detailed information about Kuwait National Bank Construction Project, please see:

[1] Cranenbroeck, J. Van (2016) Core Wall Control Survey, GIM International, March (2016): p 21-23.


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