ComNav Technology Releases Portable G100/G200 GNSS Receiver for your multiple GIS/RTK surveys

Shanghai, China, February 12, 2018—ComNav Technology releases advanced portable G100/G200 GNSS receiver to the international market. The G100/G200 is a rugged, compact, wearable GNSS receiver that provides professional-level positioning data to any connected mobile device with Android™ and Windows™ Mobile operating system via Bluetooth® connection.


With dimension of 137 mm × 72 mm × 50.4 mm and weighing less than 350 g, the G100/G200 can go wherever you go. Integrating the high-performance SinoGNSS OEM board and an antenna inside, the G100 receiver delivers sub-meter accuracy positioning for your GIS applications. With SinoGNSS AT-series GNSS antenna, the G200 is able to deliver centimeter positioning accuracy for multiple land survey tasks.


G100/G200 GNSS receiver


Designed for a wide range of GIS applications, such as power patrol, forestry survey, pipeline inspection, water management and other field work requiring a high level of precision, the G100 enables you collect reliable location data for daily GIS workflows. According to your working demands, the receiver can be mounted on a pole, carried in your pocket, or attached to a belt. The 3400 mAh battery provides up to 9 hour continuous operation, and fast charging design can save much of your time, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the field.


The G200 is a cost-effective GNSS receiver that provides centimeter accuracy positioning to any connected mobile devices for RTK field surveying. The G200 is able to delivery robust survey workflows with SinoGNSS Android-based Survey Master Software, so that you collect quality high-accuracy positions no matter what mobile device you use. No heavy, expensive data collectors required and no compromise with quality but at an affordable price for every surveyor.


The G100/G200 now is available to order through ComNav Technology and its authorized local distributors.


Watch introduction video here: https://youtu.be/uEVjCPy6aPo


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About ComNav Technology


ComNav Technology develops and manufactures GNSS OEM boards and receivers for high precision positioning demanded applications. Its technology already been used in a wide range of applications such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, unmanned system. With a team dedicated for the GNSS technology, ComNav Technology is trying its best to supply reliable and competitive products to worldwide customers. ComNav Technology has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Science and Technology Board), securities :ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 688592.


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SinoGNSS® is the official trademark of ComNav Technology Ltd., registered in People’s Republic of China, EU, USA and Canada.

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