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Generally, high precision positioning indoors is thought to be a pain point of the GNSS technology as GNSS signals is too fragile to pass through the roof, wall and other obstacles. Additionally, the applications demand indoors is wider and greater than outdoors. In terms of realization of autonomous driving, keeping outdoors positioning data in line with indoors and continuous real time positioning and sending data to vehicles via network, high speed of data transmission is the key. Hence, the introduction of 5G with extremely high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high-density connections, will definitely open up a new way to deal with these difficulties.


Now we had a chance to sit down with ComNav Technology’s Chairman Dr. Wang to share his insights.




Q1: what will be the newest applications when GNSS plusing 5G?


The biggest advantage of combining 5G and GNSS is to make the spatial and temporal  information perceptible, calculable, measurable and controllable. These Internet of Things scenarios like smart logistics, intelligent transportation and smart agriculture will usher in an explosive demand.


Let’s take intelligent transportation for example. Big data and low latency data channel empower GNSS play to play a greater role in  traffic flow information collection, real-time monitoring and management scheduling, bad driving behavior monitoring and recording, emergency assistance, etc.


The integration of GNSS and 5G provide spatial basis for Internet of Things. Of all the information we transmit and contact in the daily life, more than 80 percent of information is related to location and time. That is exactly what GNSS provide with us. 5G, responsible for transmit, can  provides more abundant ways for information transmission and acquisition to enlarge transmission channels and reduce transmission latency. Hence, GNSS application expand in a large extent.



Q2: what are the most challenging to realize 5G plus GNSS, from perspective of technology, market?


I think the main bottleneck is how to generate the market demand for products that on one hand, can be produced and used in real life, on the other hand can be a perfect integration of high-precision positioning and the low latency of 5G.


Additionally, there is a need for government to guide enterprises to explore innovation on the premise of considering security to coordinate the contradiction between information confidentiality and opening innovation. For example, specific policies and regulations should be issued to promote the implementation of "GNSS +5G" .



Q3: What will we do to realize 5G plus GNSS?


As a global high precision GNSS products supplier, ComNav Technologyhave been focused on the high-precision field for more than 20 years and we are committed to promote GNSS technology to a wider application. More than 90% of our business is closely related to GNSS and communication technology.


We’re taking the opportunity of this new trend. In the future, our R&D department will put more effort in this business directions and prepare fully in terms of technology and product. We’re establishing collaborative innovation mechanism to unlock innovation vitality. In terms of product, we’re strengthening the the quality system to ensure reliable products.



Q4: What have we done to realize 5G plus GNSS?


The integration of GNSS and 5G simulate the broad application viewing from an industrial perspective. 5G, the most advanced communication technology at present, is the basis of the  Internet of Things while the the positioning and timing of GNSS will become the sensors of the Internet of Things. Thus, the integration and development of Beidou + 5G is an inevitable trend; however, it is still in processing now.


ComNav Technology has taken the lead in the exploration of GNSS+ 5G. As early as the end of 2019, We incorporated with China Mobile to establish a national wide reference station network (HAP). It takes almost 4 months to complete the survey, selection and installation of sites in more than 10 provinces, stretching along nearly 5,200 kilometers from east to west. Thereafter, China Mobile introduced the world’s largest 5G+Beidou high-precision positioning network and  national 5G vehicle-road collaboration project on the 5G Autonomous Driving Summit, held in Suzhou on October 22nd, 2020. ComNav Technology witnessed this milestone moment and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile.


The "5G + GNSS" system will provide sub-meter, centimeter, and millimeter-level high-precision positioning services in real time via 5G network, and build an all-weather, all-day, all-geographic accurate time and space service system, which can be used in vehicle management, vehicle-road coordination, autonomous driving, automatic parking and other transportation fields to empower the development of a digital society.




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ComNav Technology is the major provider of GNSS OEM boards, receivers and high precision positioning solutions, encompassing product development, and marketing. Its technology and products have already been applied in a wide range of fields such as surveying, construction, machine control, agriculture, intelligent transportation, precise timing, deformation monitoring, and unmanned system. With its experienced team and innovational spirit, ComNav Technology is always trying best to provide reliable and competitive products to global customers. ComNav Technology has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Science and Technology Board), securities :ComNav Technology (Compass Navigation), Stock code: 688592.


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