Photo Sharing Contest 2022: Together, We Create the Golden Decade!

Founded in 2012, ComNav Technology has carried out various projects all around the globe for 10 years. So we’re looking for great photos of you, our customers, and your ComNav’s solution in action to record the Golden Decade.

The Photo Sharing Contest 2022 “Together, We Create the Next Golden Decade!” takes place from 9th May to 27th May 2022.


How to join our contest:

  1. 1. Post your photo(s) to our Facebook (ComNav Technology Ltd.), or send it via WhatsApp (+86 132 6257 0280), or email it to marcom@comnavtech.com . When posting to us, please make sure you add your Facebook or Instagram account name, the location where the photo(s) was taken, a short description, and state which ComNav Technology’s device(s) on the photo(s) is used.
  2. We will post your photo(s), including a brief description of the Facebook album named "Photo Sharing Contest 2022". Only photo(s) in that album can participate in the public voting. 
  3. Participate can encourage your fellows to "Like" your photo(s). The photo(s) that gains the most likes by the end day will be the winner, and the participants will be rewarded as follows: 
  4. At the same time, our marketing jury will pick several photos additionally to make them into the ComNav Technology Calendar 2023 and other related marketing activities. These participants will be rewarded with random prizes as follows:


How to redeem the prize:

  1. Winners of the cash prize: please contact us (marcom@comnavtech.com) by August 31, 2023, with any proof of purchase of ComNav Technology products. The purchase must be made from April 1, 2022, to July 31, 2023, and must be greater than the cash prize.
  2. Winners of the random prize: please provide recipient information. ComNav Technology will mail it accordingly.
  3. Those winners who fail to redeem the prize or fail to provide the purchase proof/recipient information will be regarded as giving up the prize.
  4. ComNav Technology reserved all rights to explain the above terms.



By submitting photo(s) for the photo sharing contest 2022, you confirm that it is original artwork (taken by yourself), that you own all rights for the picture, and that it neither harms other's intellectual property nor violates any laws nor does your participation violate any rules between you and your employer/customer.

All copyrights on the picture remain with you, but submitting the photo(s) gives ComNav Technology unlimited usage rights on them, including retouching if necessary. 

By submitting photo(s) for the photo sharing contest 2022, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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