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Product name

Unmanned Systems

Product description
Accurate GNSS positioning solution is the most important part of the unmanned systems. No doubts that one day when you want to go somewhere you could just give a command to your vehicle and then the vehicle will do the rest things for you. With the help of the GNSS technology development, the UAV and UGV became a hot topic in different industries. ComNav could give you different kinds of GNSS solutions for your unmanned systems.
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The K803 is a full-constellation triple-frequency GNSS OEM board with IMU module featuring superior performance and compact design.
The K823 is a dual-antenna dual-frequency and full-constellation GNSS OEM board with IMU module, which delivers robust high-precision positioning & heading information.
The K706 is designed for easy integration with rugged reliability. The compact form factor and lower power consumption make it an optimal choice integrated into handheld devices.
The K726 is a single GNSS board that delivers robust heading and positioning.
The K708 is a new generation OEM board designed to work with current constellations, which is also firmware upgradable to track satellite signals of upcoming constellations.