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Product name

Deformation Monitoring

Product description

As the most important applications on safety, GNSS gives the significant changes on the way of implementing the deformation monitoring. More benefits and advantages are obvious of adopting the GNSS technology comparing with the traditional method. ComNav supplies various products from receivers to OEM boards to the integrators.



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With SinoGNSS QUANTUM™ Technology and full-constellation tracking capability, the M300 Pro GNSS reference station is one of the most robust and future-proof GNSS solution for CORS.
The AT340 is superior performance GNSS Antenna that can track GPS L1, L2C, L2P, L5, GLONASS L1, L2, BeiDou B1, B2, B3, Galileo E1, E5a/E5b, AltBoc, L-Band and SBAS.
The M300 Mini is designed as a multi-functional GNSS receiver, which is customizable based on your requirements.
The M300 GNSS Receiver is a multi-purpose device for high-precision GNSS applications featuring full-constellation tracking, for centimeter accuracy survey on demand.