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ComNav Technology Provide 50 K8 GNSS Modules for Free

ComNav Technology provide 50 high precision K8 GNSS modules for the researcher/institutions/ universities/companies who focused on GNSS or GNSS-related studies or applications including IoT, UAV, robotics, UGV, machine control and surveying, personal positioning.


As one of the few companies master the core GNSS technology, ComNav technology launched K8 series modules in last August. K8 series modules feature full constellation tracking (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou supported). Compared with GNSS modules in the market, they gained advantage in super small size and lower power consumption.

K8 Series Module (K803 30mmx30mm, K823 30mmx40mm)


Main features:

  • Small & full frequency
  • IMU + GNSS navigation
  • Low power consumption
  • SMD and easy integration


K8 series modules incorporated with ComNav Technology’s latest Quantum III SoC chip, they outperform in anti-interference, signal-interfered environment and positioning accuracy. The performance in static and dynamic scene is demonstrated in this test report. Click here for test report


If you’re interested in K8 GNSS modules, please email you application form to by the end of 30th September 2021. We will inform the qualified -researcher/institutions/ universities/companies in soonest time after verification and selection. Please make sure your submitted material be accurate and authentic. 






  1. Applicants ensure that the submitted material is accurate and authentic.  
  2. ComNav Technology Ltd. ensure that your submitted application form, including your personal information will be strictly confidential in whole.
  3. Applicants have to provide authentic usage feedback including but not limited to test paper, video and pictures within half year since the date applicants received the module.
  4. Applicants’ feedback will be used for publicity in all media, including social media, the yearbook, the public archive, and all promotional activities under the condition applicant granted.


  The conditions set out in the requirements are binding, and ComNav Technology Ltd. reserves the final right to explain.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.