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News Room
ComNav Technology's products: A Wonderful Appearance at Achievement Show of BeiDou-3 Opening Ceremony
China officially announced the commissioning of BDS-3 navigation satellite system by president Xi Jinping and held the exhibition of the construction and development of the BDS at Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 31.
ComNav Technology Released New Generation N5 IMU GNSS Receiver
Shanghai, China, July 2nd, 2020—On 28 June 2020, ComNav Technology launched its new-generation N5 IMU GNSS receiver by Facebook webcast to global customers.
ComNav Technology Releases the Cost-effective M300 Plus GNSS CORS Receiver
Shanghai, China, June 3rd, 2020 - ComNav Technology today released the M300 Plus GNSS receiver to the international market. The M300 Plus is designed as a supplementary for M300 Pro which is targeting at the clients who need more economic version for their CORS networks. From the using point of view, the M300 Plus will not be only limited to use as a CORS receiver but also a good choice for monitoring projects and other applications.
ComNav Technology's Live show on Facebook--First Try but Amazing
Shanghai, China, May 15,2020---On May 12, 2020, ComNav Technology organized a live show on Facebook to deliver the information about ComNav Technology new products and solutions. As affected by COVID-
ComNav Technology Introduced the New Generation GNSS Data Collector R550
Shanghai, China, April 22, 2020 – ComNav Technology today released the new generation data collector R550, with the industrial level design, and the new hardware platform, the R550 is the best choice for ensuring your efficiency and productivity in the field.
SinoGNSS T30 GNSS Receiver
shanghai, China, May 15, 2019---ComNav Technology released an extremely compact designed T30 GNSS Receiver to the international market.
ComNav Technology showcases in FIG Hanoi Working Week 2019
Shanghai, China, April 30, 2019—With the theme of “Geospatial information for a smarter life and environmental resilience”, the FIG Congress 2019 took place at Hanoi National Convention Center, bringi
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Online customer service
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Customer service team:
Online service
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