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The Notice of Start “ComNav Academic Fund”

To encourage more people to pay close attention to the development of GNSS technology and the BeiDou Satellite Navigation System and develop a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the status and trends of high-precision satellite navigation products, ComNav Technology Ltd., as the world’s leading GNSS products supplier, decided to set up a “ComNav Academic Fund”, which means ComNav is willing to accept evaluation and guidance from the professionals all over the world. Therefore, all the published papers that include objective evaluation of our company’s products or objective comparison of our company’s products with the same type of products from other companies, or papers that include valuable suggestions, may win the “Paper Award”, offered by “ComNav Academic Fund”.

1.Reward Requirements


This fund applies to people from all over the world. All the published papers including citation of ComNav’s OEM boards and receivers and meet the following two requirements are qualified to apply for the award.

a.    Citation in the paper includes ComNav’s full company name, product model and pictures.

b.    Citation in the paper includes the output test results of ComNav’s products.


2.Reward Grade


If the papers meet the reward requirements, then the award will be divided into four different grade levels based on the level of the journals and the content of the papers.






Being included in globally acknowledged industry journals



Being included in regional industry journals



Being included in international conference journals



Being included in regional conferences journals



3.Application Methods


All applicants need to send us the full draft of the paper, a copy of the journal’s cover, contents and a copy of the applicant’s personal identification and contact information by mail, e-mail or fax. We will verify the information and contact you in soonest time.


Address: Building E, No.50 Alley 2080 Lianhua Road, Shanghai 201103, China

Tel: +86 21 64056796

Fax: +86 21 54309582





The deadline of the award is December 31, 2015 until further notice. ComNav Technology Ltd. reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.